Monday, January 20, 2014

Get your addsense account approved
Most of us need money,even bloggers need too.We are not exceptionl in that part.We all bloggers know Adsense is the most high paying advertisment platform so getting Adsense Account Approve is always dream come true for a blogger,but the process is never easy.Many blogger can't get this on their lifetime blogging even.So here today we're going to share some tips how easily you  can get your adsense account approved.

High Quality Content
Content is king- always follow this concept.The basic and primary criteria for getting your blog/website approved for Adsense is content of your blog.If your website has high quality content then it may get approved for adsense in the first attempt itself.
Custom Domain
You must go for a custom domain not for subdomain(i.e., you can't afford a top level domain you may also went for free domain.
Domain Page
This factor was not considered as one of the criteria to get approved for adsense previously.But because of too many spam adsense applications Adsense Team decided to consider domain age as one of the major factor to get full adsense approval.
If you have a well established website/blog with high quality content then you may get approved for adsense with a 3 months old domain.If your website is still growing then the age of domain should be at least 6 months.

Site Design
Your site must have a professional design which will satisfie adsense advertiser to publish ads on your site and will help your blog being approved by adsense

Your blog must have some well amount of traffic to get adsense account approved.Its recommended to apply for adsense after receiving at least 1000 page views per day.
  • Minimum Traffic of 500 Unique Visitors per day.At least 60% traffic from Search engines especially Google.
  • If you have more traffic from US and Canada then its a plus point.

Number Of Posts
Before applying you should consider whether  your site have a good number of posts or not.It is advised to have minimum of 30-50 posts.Ideally I would recommend you to have 100 posts to increase the chances of approval.
Privacy Policy Page and Contact Page
According to adsense terms and condition every blog must have a working contact us page and privacy policy page to get adsense approved.Sometimes it may not matter if your blog do have satisfies other criteria.You may also check Google Adsense Terms and Condition page yourself before applying for adsense.

Google Adsense most affordable ppc programme in this age of online marketing,so every blogger went for this,but as I told it's never easy to get an approved adsense account.Hope above stated tips will help you to get adsense approved account.Have you tried some different way to get your adsense account approved?Do share with us.


  1. Hey please tell me some websites from where i can get best templates..