Monday, February 3, 2014

Bluestacks is Basically an Android Emulator that lets or allows you to Run Your Favorite Android Apps or Games within your Personal Windows PC or Laptop which Means that You Don’t Necessarily need to have an Android Device to Use the Most Popular Android Apps or Android Games.You Can Easily Play or Enjoy all the Android Apps on Your PC or Computer.By Using Bluestacks Android Emulator You Even Install or Use Famous Chat Applications such as Whatsapp or Wechat For Free of Cost.Though You will Found Different Android Emulators that Lets you run Android apps on PC But From All of them Bluestacks Android Emulator is the Best and Fastest Performer.

How to Play Android Games on PC : Steps to Follow

  • 1 – Downloading and Installing BlueStacks
  • First of all You need to Download and Install BlueStacks on Your PC/Computer.

Download BlueStacks From Here (For Windows)
Download BlueStacks From Here (For Mac OS)

  • After Installing BlueStacks When You Run it for the First Time it will Start Downloading its Database and Componets that will take few minutes depending on the Speed of Your Internet Connection.

2 – Setting Up Bluestacks

  • Go to My Apps and Select App Search as Shown below in the Image.

  • After Selecting App Search it will ask you to Complete two steps which is a One Time Setup as shown below in the Image and Click on Continue.

  • Next it will ask you to Login to your Google Account as shown below in the Image.

Note - If Your Account Password is in Capital Letters then you need to Enter Your Password Using the Virtual Keyboard located at the Bottom.

3 – Searching For the App and Installing

  • After Completing the One Time Setup now Search for the App you want to Download to your PC/Computer as shown below in the image.

  • Click Install and It will start Searching the Stores and Click on the Game Icon and it will Start Downloading as shown below in the Image.

  • 4 – Running the Installed App

  1. After Installing the App Go back to My Apps tab and there it will be shown installed as shown below in the Image.

  1. Click on the App to Run and You will be able to Play the Game Using Your Mouse and Keyboard.

Optional – Guide to Use BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Awesome Emulator to Play Your Favorite Android Games on Your PC/Computer.By Using BlueStacks You can Even use Whatsapp to chat with your Friends. You can Easily Configure BlueStacks Settings i.e Changing Keyboard Layout,Managing Contacts,Managing Applications etc.You just Need to Click on the Gear Icon Located at the Bottom to Open the BlueStacks Settings Page where you can edit or Manage the Applications,Contacts,Keyboard Settings and Much More as Shown below in the Image.

  • Note Important

    It may happen that Some Android Games will Crash during Playing since BlueStacks is still in Beta Version therefore you need to wait till the Full Proper Version of BlueStacks is Released.


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