Thursday, February 13, 2014

Well Shortening your Post do a lot good to your Website/Blog

Shortening Your Post is benificial
as it Creates interests to the reader and create an interest of the reader..
Well a beginner faces a problem with because it is not easy to Go up with HTML Coding...
Because it is not Easy to go with it..
Even when I started Blogging I Did Face problem with it 
Because my Blog look Very Shabby....
But Soon i Found an easy way to Shorten my posts.
I'm going to share my Trick with you all...

Step 1: Create a New Post.
Step 2: You must make post in Compose Because it is easy to it there

Step 3:Select the Content Which you want to show on your Homepage

Step 4:Use insert Jump Break Option

Step 5:Jump Break Option will appear on your post

Step 6: Well Your Work is Done

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