Monday, February 3, 2014

Take the following steps to ensure your Facebook account never gets hacked :- 

  1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL when you save the bookmark of Facebook. 
  2. Do not use Facebook apps which says "Find your crush," "Find your next valentine" etc.  
  3. Keep your Facebook chat option turned off for some time daily. Keep your email address, phone number private.  
  4. Always keep 4-5 trusted friends on Facebook.  
  5. Never visit your Facebook profile through websites other than Facebook.They may be Phishing pages. 
  6. Change your Facebook password once or twice a month.  
  7. Always remember to Log Out off Facebook whenever you use it in Cyber or Internet Caffeys. 
  8. Install a trusted Anti Virus which will detect Phishing pages. 
  9. I recommend you to use Incognito mode while using Facebook


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