Sunday, March 2, 2014

Screen Short For Mobiles

1) Screen Shot For Java Mobiles

a)- first download this uc version

Click Here to Download after downloading. Simply install it . After installing, for screenshot simply go to -
settings > tools > screenshot
after screenshot been shot. Click save n there u get a screenshot.

Note- if u r unable to use the above one. U can alternately use next version.

b)- first download uc version from this link -

Click Here to Download after downloading simply install it.
Now main part is where is ur screenshot setting n how to take it. Just click * key from your phone. Ur screen might blink once n u'll get settings of screenshot settings.
Now don't change screenshot path. Move to next option i.e. screenshot key it'll be 42 by default. Change it to -10 . Then just simply save it. Now whenever u want to take screenshot just click call button from ur mobile n get a screenshot img in ur memry card.

Note- settings might change automatically so its an advice to check screenshot setting after every startup of uc .


simply just hold ( ScreenLock Key + Volume Down Key )
after a secnd u'll get screenshot.


u can easily screenshot anywhere with an app name SCREEN MUNCHER . Download it n use it .


this is quite easy n simple. U can take screenshot of any size.
Simply copy the link of page of which u want to take screenshot. Now go to this link
Click here paste url of page. Set size of screen shot then click generate.

After generating click option view/save . After opening u'll get screenshot of ur page there.


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